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i980-W iAccess is a timestamp device for access control and attendance verification, equipped with RFID technology and Wi-Fi connectivity, suitable for any company and quickly installable.
Workers can use their personal RFID badge to mark entrances and exits from the workplace, or even use their personal password.
The i980-W time stamping machine is included with software for the management of workers attendance  TimeStudio® (No User Restrictions, Unlimited License and No Additional Fee), thanks to which it is possible to control the passages and employees timestamping , with just a few steps.

Your business infrastructure can also use more than one single iAccess i980-W time stampmachine to  cover simultaneously multiple accesses, but all managed from a single TimeStudio® workstation.

iAccess i980-W has a standard 24-month warranty, with the option to extend to 36 or 60 months.

  • First of all you need to install the wall terminal (using simple plugs and bracket supplied), than iAccess i980-W needs to be powered by electricity (the power supply is included) and connected to the company LAN network if possible.
    With just a few clicks, you need to create employee profiles using the included TimeStudio® software to upload them to your device via LAN/WiFi or USB stick.
    The iAccess i980-W time clocking machine is now ready to recognize users and record their passages.
  • The supplied TimeStudio®, employee time management software provides a simple and intuitive reporting interface. With a few simple steps you can acquire, and eventually print the reports of each individual user or of an entire department.
    The download/upload of data
    can be done via Wi-Fi, LAN network or manually, via USB Pen Drive connected to the device.
    • Acquire the complete list of workers movements in the company 
    • Acquire detailed reports on the attendance of each worker
    • Acquire reports on door openings (access to different areas) that can be filtered even by single workers (useful in contexts with many departments)
    • Manage access permissions to the departments of each individual user or type a message for one or all workers, which will be shown on the display
    • Export employee attendance reports in a variety of file formats, used by most common payroll software (via  SmartExport® add-on module)
    • Acquire reports on delays, overtime and absences of each individual worker (through TimePlus® add-on module)
    • Planning of permits, shifts, feast and holidays of each individual worker (through TimePlus® add-on module)
    • Rfid Proximity Card Reader
    • Integrated module for WiFi network
    • Multi-language backlit colour LCD display and Touch-type multifunction keypad
    • Multilingual Vocal Synthesis ITA-ING
    • User recognition time less than 0.5 seconds
    • Data download via LAN or USB
    • Records up to 10,000 users and Stores up to 100,000 steps
    • Buffer battery for data backup
    • Automatic input/output changeover and Automatic daytime/legal time changeover
    • Integrated web server for browser access
    • Door opener access control with“Time Zone” function
    • Possibility of activating the siren at the beginning / end of work
    • "Work code" function that can be activated at the entrance and exit
    • Power supply: 12Vdc 1.5A (220V power supply included)
    • Operating temperature: from 0 to 45°C (only for indoor use)
    • Humidity: 10 to 80% condensation-free (for indoor use only)
    • Dimensions: 140×170×35 (AxWxD mm.)
    • Weight: 500 gr
    • Standard warranty: 24 month
    • iAccess TimeStudio® time and attendance management software with unlimited licence
    • Metal bracket and wall plugs for wall attack
    • Connector with door open relay or active siren
    • RJ45 port of the LAN Network Card
    • USB port for Memory Pen Drive
    • Power supply 220Vac - 12Vcc
    • 1 Card Rfid iAccess
  • i980_big.png
              • User recognition timeless than 0,5 seconds
                User RecognitionWith RFID Badge
                Integrated Web ServerYes
                ProtectionFor Indoors
                User ManagementVia Software
                CommunicationLAN e WiFi
                DisplayBacklit colour LCD
                Voice Synthesis ITA / ENG / HUN Multilingual
                Download DataLAN or USB
                Number of registered users10.000
                Number of recordable passes50.000
                Buffer battery for data storageIntegrated
                Automatic change of entries / exitsYes
                Automatic change of day / legal timeYes
                Time Zone functionYes
                Siren Start / End of WorktimeYes
                Work Code functionYes
                Power Supply 220 V12 Vcc, 1,5 Ah
                Power supply220 V, Included
                Operating environmentda 0 a 45°C, only for Outdoor use
                Weight500 gr.
                Dimensions140 x 170 x 35 mm. (A x L x P)
                Umidityda 10 a 80%, only for Outdoor use
                Warranty2 years

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