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iAccess Time Plus  is an additional  Software module that completes the functionality of Time Studio

  • Economic
  • Practical
  • Intuitive

This add-on to Time Studio Time Management software, includes new features useful for small and medium businesses, including:

  • Creation of access profiles (Supervisor, Administrator, etc..)
  • Work and absentee  planning and management calendars
  • Possibility of automatic calculation of permits, overtime and holidays

For quick operations- such as cleaning the historical markings of a selected department and/or period- convenient and practical tools are added.

Time Plus software has NO annual renewal fees and continuous updates are included in the amount of the initial purchase.

Please Note: The Time Studio module is available in Free Trial for 30 days with each copy of iAccess Time Studio. This will allow you to test all the features and decide later for the purchase.

The license to activate the form will be sent to you by email after receipt of payment, which must be made exclusively by Bank Transfer anticipated or Credit Card / PayPal.

Why add the Time Plus module to your Time Studio Suite?

  • This module will calculate your employees working hours and generate automatic reports that can be accessed and exported in the most common formats that can be used, for example, by accountants.
  • It is possible to manage schedules and shifts and get the total of hours and overtime.
  • You can manage requests for permits, holidays, illnesses, overtime, etc ...Create Excel, Word or PDF files to be sent to the work consultant, in order to work out the payroll.
  • The management of access profiles, makes the Time Studio software compatible with the restrictive rules of the new Decree on privacy.
    It limits access to sensitive and personal data of registered users to only authorized personnel.

Complete management of the work Schedule

  • Easy-to-schedule working hours by user or department,
  • Scheduling of justified absence events (holidays, illness, etc.) by user or department,
  • 24-hour shift planning,
  • Detailed calculation of overtime with adjustable limits,
  • Reporting of missed service hours (delays, absences, etc.),
  • Automatic management of break,
  • Possibility of applying flexible hours,
  • Easy consultation and adjustment of work schedules.

Access to the software via Profiling

  • Create free or password-based access profiles,
  • Simple and intuitive configuration of access permissions,
  • Recovery of lost access data with a simplified procedure, which can be recovered independently from the various created profiles. 


  • Thanks to Time Plus, all optional modules will communicate with each other, adding to the existing functions the activation of automatic procedures.

Advanced management tools

  • For complete control of your archive, access to advanced work tools,
  • Cleaning of the archive by user/department and selectable period,
  • Synergies between the active Time Studio modules: thanks to Time Plus, the various modules will communicate with each other.

One Module for All Workstations

  • Module shared between all stations registered on the same account; a single Time Plus will work on all your Time Studio positions.

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