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Remote Assistance software

The Remote Control or Remote Assistance Service is a technical support that allows our operators to interact remotely with your computers, through a simple internet connection.

This service allows a quick and effective resolution of problems or difficulties encountered during both the first installation and the subsequent use of the products.

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The service is reserved for customers with Assistance Pack.

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Scarica software per assistenza remota

Remote Assistance service - Assistance Pack

Telephone or remote assistance service for a total time of 1 or 3 HOURS through our specialized technicians.

First installation and configuration of the presence detector, LAN connection or stand-alone use with download of data on USB stick, entry of users, passwords, biometric fingerprints and RFID cards, installation and update of the management software on Windows computer, configuration of the software for data import via LAN or USB, these are just some of the information to which our technicians can respond.

The Service has a duration of 1 or 3 hours, with a 15-minute advance, and can be used for a period of 12 months from its activation.

Assistenza tecnica prodotti iAccess
Assistenza tecnica prodotti iAccess