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i985-W iAccess is a robust, reliable attendance clocking system for business of any size.
Choose i985-W biometric facial or fingerprint clocking, contactless RFID proximity, and traditional punch card, and Wi-Fi connectivity
Workers, for example, will be able to mark entrances and exits to the workplace by fingerprinting, or otherwise, by using the supplied RFID badge or personal password.
The i985-W biometric timekeeper comes with TimeStudio® employee time management software (No User Restrictions, Unlimited License and No Additional Fees), which allows you to control timetables, delays, absences and employee transitions with just a few steps.
The i985-W iAccess time stamp can be installed with other terminals, in order to cover several access points simultaneously, all managed from a single TimeStudio® workstation.
iAccess i985-W is covered by a 24-month warranty, with the possibility of extending it to 36 or 60 months.

Why use a clocking terminal in the company?

Keeping track of time and employee attendance is one of the main tasks of every company. It allows to facilitate and optimize the income and expenses of employees.
Payroll should be calculated on the basis of actual hours worked, not on the basis of scheduled hours or individual estimates of how much time a particular employee spent at work. With the use of RFID badges or keyrings the time stamps are simple and fast, you can check the attendances at any time.

  • After the installation of the timekeeper device on the wall (with plugs and bracket provided), i985-W iAccess must be powered by electricity (including power supply) and connected to the company LAN network if requested (it has Wi-Fi connectivity).
    With few simple steps, it is necessary to create the profiles of each employee, and then upload them to the time stamp via LAN or USB. (thanks to the TimeStudio® software supplied)
    Once done, the i985-W biometric time clocking terminal can recognize employees and record their passes.
  • Thanks to the exclusive User-Friendly interface, the TimeStudio® staff attendance management software provides a series of functions for managing absence reports, hours, shifts and holidays.
    Quickly you can acquire and print the reports of each user or an entire department.
    Data can be downloaded/uploaded either via Wi-Fi, LAN or manually via USB memory connected to the device.
  • TimeStudio® software?
    • Get complete lists of people in your company
    • Obtain detailed reports on each worker's attendance
    • Obtain reports on door openings (accesses to different departments) that can also be filtered out to individual employees (useful in structured companies with many departments)
    • Manage access permissions to each department of each individual user
    • Save worker's presence reports in different formats used by major payroll software (via SmartExport® add-on module)
    • Consult reports of delays, absences, overtime of each worker (via additional module TimePlus®)
    • Planning and management of holidays, shifts, holidays and employee permits (via TimePlus® add-on module)
  • The i985-W  iAccess biometric tag complies with the regulations on the protection of privacy, this is because the personal fingerprints collected within it are indecipherable, thanks to the particular algorithm with which they are encrypted.
    • High precision optical biometric reader
    • Rfid Proximity Card Reader
    • Module on board for WiFi network
    • Multi-language backlit colour LCD display and Touch-type multifunction keypad
    • Multilingual Vocal Synthesis ITA-ING
    • User recognition time less than 0.5 seconds
    • Downloading data via LAN or USB memory
    • Records up to 10,000 users (3000 fingerprints) and Stores up to 50,000 passes
    • Buffer battery for data storage
    • Automatic input/output changeover and Automatic daylight/legal changeover
    • Integrated web server for browser access
    • Door opener access control with "Time Zone" function
    • Possibility of activating the siren at the beginning / end of work
    • Work code function that can be activated at the input and output
    • Power supply: 12Vdc 1.5A (220V power supply included)
    • Operating temperature: from 0 to 45°C (only for indoor use)
    • Humidity: 10 to 80% non-condensing (for indoor use only)
    • Dimensions: 140×170×35 (AxWxD mm.)
    • Weight: 550 gr.
    • Standard Warranty: 24 months
    • TimeStudio®iAccess Management Software with Unlimited License
    • Metal bracket and wall plugs for wall mounting
    • Plug-in connector with door open relay or active siren
    • RJ45 port of the LAN Network Card
    • USB port for Memory Pen Drive
    • Power supply 220Vac - 12Vcc
    • 1 Rfid iAccess Card
  • i980_big.png
  • User RecognitionFinferprint and RFID
    ProtectionFor Indoors
    User ManagementVia Software
    DisplayBacklit colour LCD
    Voice Synthesis ITA / ENG / HUN Multilingual
    User recognition timeless than 0,5 seconds
    Download DataLAN or USB
    Number of registered users10.000
    Number of recordable passes50.000
    Buffer battery for data storageYes
    Automatic change of entries / exitsYes
    Automatic change of day / legal timeYes
    Integrated Web ServerYes
    Time Zone functionYes
    Siren Start / End of WorktimeYes
    Work Code functionYes
    Power Supply 220 V12Vcc 1,5A
    Power supply220V supplied
    Operating environmentda 0 a 45°C, only for Outdoor
    Umidityda 10 a 80%, only for Outdoor
    Dimensions140 x 170 x 35 mm. (H x W x D)
    Weight550 gr.
    Warranty2 years

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