iAccess xFace 103 V2

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749,00€ tax excl.

    iAccess xFace 103 V2 is a time attendance marker with access control for any business organization. It can be used from the simplest structures with 10 employees to more complex companies with multiple establishments and hundreds of employees.

    The xFace time & attendance device uses the following technologies:

    • Facial recognition
    • Fingerprint
    • RFID cards and key rings

    It's easy to install.
    The time management software can be configured in a very short time, and finally you will always have under control the attendance of your employees.
    Thanks to the high definition cameras with infrared technology, the access control is able to identify a face in low light conditions.

    With Time Studio Software you have:

    • Unlimited device connections
    • Unlimited Users
    • No Additional Fees

    Thanks to our management software you can monitor staff entries and exits with just a few clicks.

    All data can be easily exported through:

    • LAN network
    • WiFi network
    • USB stick

    It's integrated battery allows the use of xFace 103 V2 up too 2 hours without electricity .

    It has a standard European warranty of 2 years with the possibility of extension to 3 or 5 years

    Essential Specifications

    • Facial Recognition Cameras
    • Biometric Optical Reader of Fingerprints
    • RFID Card Reader
    • Backlit Touch LCD display
    • Time of user recognition less than 1 second
    • Voice synthesis on confirm of operations
    • Download data via LAN, Wi-Fi or USB memory
    • Records up to 10,000 users and stores up to 100,000 passes
    • Stores up to 4,000 fingerprints and 3,000 faces
    • Automatic change of daylight time / legal time
    • Door opening access control with "Time Zone" function
    • Programmable codes that can be activated at the entrance and exit
    • Power supply: 12Vdc 1A
    • Temperature: 0 to 45°C
    • Humidity: 20 to 80% non-condensing (indoor use)
    • Dimensions: 130 (W)×190 (H)×35 (D) mm. Weight: 400 gr.
    • Warranty 24 months

    Standard Equipment

    • iAccess Time Studio Management Software 
    • 2 Neutral Rfid cards
    • Metal bracket and wall plugs for wall fixing
    • Door open relay or active siren
    • LAN and Wi-Fi LAN Card
    • Rechargeable backup battery
    • USB memory port
    • Wiegand communication port
    • Power supply 220Vac - 12Vcc

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    Operation diagram

    xface 103
    • Riconoscimento Biometrico FaccialeSI
      ProtezioneDa Interno
      Numero utenti registrabili10.000 (di cui 4000 impronte e 3000 volti)
      Numero passaggi registrabili100.000

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