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The xFinger PRO boundle is suitable in all those situations which the access control of people through fingerprint recognition is carried out (biometric verification) and where is a high number of employees (medium or large companies).

The LF-30 allows a fast recognization of fingerprints directly from the PC with Time Studio software installed (included in price).

In this way it will no longer be necessary to register the fingerprints of employees of the M6 iAccess door opener device. But it will be sufficient to acquire them through the appropriate reader LF-30 (included), then send data from the Time Studio software to the device.

The xFinger Bundle includes:

  • M6 access control
  • LF30 fingerprint reader
  • External relay card

Why using the external LF-30 Fingerprint Reader to record users?

Unlike a password-based security system, a biometric fingerprint scanning system is very secure and comfortable.
Since biometric data is unique to everyone, it is hardly possible to copy or duplicate data.

Thanks to the SC-012 module you will have a burglar-proof system as the opening of the gate is authorized by this module that is placed inside and therefore is not reachable.

Time Studio employee time management software allows you to:

  • quickly get the complete list of people in the company
  • obtain reports on door openings (accesses to different departments) that can also be filtered out to individual employees (useful in structured companies with many departments)

Main features

  • Integrated biometric fingerprint reader
  • 125 KHz RFID badge or keychain reader
  • Integrated LAN network card
  • iAccess Time Studio with unlimited license
  • TimeZone functionality for entrance time control
  • Door opener relay
  • User recognition time: approx. 0.5 sec.
  • Records up to 3000 users and stores up to 50,000 steps
  • Dimensions: 50 x 124 x 34.5 mm. WxHxD
  • Power supply : DC 12V
  • Relative humidity: 20 to 90% condensation-free
  • Working temperature from -30°C to 60°C
  • Degree of protection IP65
  • Wiegand Encrypted or Wiegand communication 26

Download trial Software

  • User recognition timeless than 0,5 seconds
    User RecognitionWith Fingerprint
    ProtectionVandal-proof, Indoor and Outdoor
    User ManagementSoftware Time Studio
    Voice SynthesisNo
    Download DataLAN or USB
    Number of registered users2000
    Number of recordable passes50000
    Buffer battery for data storageNo
    Automatic change of entries / exitsNo
    Automatic change of day / legal timeNo
    Time Zone functionYes
    Power Supply 220 VDC12V
    Power supplyDa 12V OPTIONAL
    Operating environmentIndoor / Outdoor
    Dimensions50x124x34,5 mm. (HxAxH)
    Umidity10-80% condensation-free
    Warranty2 years

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