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iAccess M6 Pro is a professional vandal-proof biometric and Rfid access control system.
Compact, solid device for outdoor use. It's suitable for any organization or residence. It can be installed in a very short time, being essential to protect and limit accesses to private properties or to certain departments within companies.

Those who are enabled to enter just need to bring their personal RFID badge to the access control or place a finger on the biometric reader, to recognize the fingerprint and than open the door.

Why is this access control excellent for companies?

The biometric Rfid iAccess M6 Pro access control system is suitable to be positioned at the entrances of companies or to protect certain departments.
Using the supplied access Control and Time Attendance TimeStudio® Software (No User Limitations, Unlimited License and No Additional Fee) it is possible to configure specific permissions for each worker, deciding who can have access to certain areas and. With a few clicks it is possible to monitor all the movements and timetables of staff clocking.

Why is access control suitable for private properties?

iAccess M6 Pro can be installed at entrances to private properties, on gates, garages and deposits, avoiding access for outsiders or unauthorised persons. Only registered owners will be able to access , they will no longer have to deal with the inconvenience of keys.

Compliance with the privacy policy?

The iAccess M6 Pro access control system is in compliance with the regulations on privacy protection in fact the fingerprints collected within are indecipherable, thanks to the particular algorithm with which they are encrypted.

The supplied software allows you to:

  • have the complete list of people in the company
  • obtain reports on door openings (access to different departments) that can also be checked by individual employees (useful in structured companies with many departments)

Essential Specifications

  • Integrated biometric fingerprint reader
  • 125 KHz RFID badge or keychain reader
  • Integrated LAN network card
  • iAccess Time Studio management software with unlimited license
  • TimeZone functionality for entrance time control
  • Door opener relay
  • User recognition time: approx. 0.5 sec.
  • Records up to 3000 users and stores up to 50,000 passes
  • Dimensions: 50 x 124 x 34.5 mm. WxHxD
  • Power supply voltage: DC 12V
  • Temperature from -30°C to 60°C
  • Humidity: 20 to 90% non-condensing
  • Degree of protection IP65
  • Wiegand Encrypted or Wiegand communication 26

Download our Software Time Studio

  • Riconoscimento Biometrico FaccialeBiometrico con Impronta
    ProtezioneAntivandalo, Indoor e Outdoor
    Tecnologia WiFi integrataSoftware Time Studio
    Sintesi vocaleNo
    Tempo riconoscimento utenteinferiore a 0,5 secondi
    Scarico DatiLAN o USB
    Numero utenti registrabili2000
    Numero passaggi registrabili50000
    Batteria tampone per salvataggio datiNo
    Cambio automatico ingresso/uscitaSi
    Cambio automatico ora solare/legaleSi
    Funzione "Time Zone"Si
    AlimentatoreDa 12V OPZIONALE
    Ambiente di utilizzoIndoor / Outdoor
    Umidità10-80% senza condensa
    Dimensioni50x124x34,5 mm. (LxAxP)
    Garanzia2 anni

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