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  • Time and Attendance

    Why choose a Time and Attendance System?

    Keep track of employee’s time without having to use paper or clunky spreadsheets, protect your company from employee time theft and automate the complexities with managing employee labour.
    Thank's to our software "Time Studio" included with all T&A systems, we guarantee that you will be able streamline complex administrative tasks like writing (and changing) schedules and bring down labour cost overhead.

  • Access Control

    Why install an access control terminal?

    Installing an access control terminal is an essential way to increase the security of companies, offices or public authorities.
    If you decide upon a system controlled by using simple bracelets, key chains, RfFID cards, fingerprints, an access control system will offer the extra security you need.
    An access control device will allow you keep track of who is coming in and out as well as the times that the doors were opened and closed.

    In particular, it is possible to keep track of all employee movements.
    With an access control device you can also set up access rules for people and time zones with the possability to limit what parts of the building employees have access to and choose which employees have access to certain rooms.

  • Turnstiles and Gates

    Why choose Turnstiles?

    Tripod Trustiles offers excellent performance and reliability. They are particulary suitable for installations in offices, gyms, swimming pools, subway stations, airports and many other locations with high traffic.

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  • iAccess Q-Visio

    Access control with QR-Code recognition - Indoor

    • Standalone QR-Code reader
    • Specific for Indoor Use
    • No configuration
    • Integrated door release relay
    • Unlimited QR-Code number
    • Free software included

  • iAccess Q-Visio Pro

    Access Control with QR-Code recognition - Outdoor

    • Standalone QR-Code reader
    • Specific for Outdoor Use
    • No configuration
    • Integrated door release relay
    • Unlimited QR-Code number
    • Free software included

  • 399,00€ disponibile in 10 gg
    iAccess K-Pad

    Professional Access Control with Numeric Keypad, Biometric Reader and Door Opener Relay

    • Biometric fingerprint reader
    • Password keyboard
    • Anti-vandal shell
    • Suitable for Outdoor Use
    • Door release relay
    • Safe access management

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