Turnstiles for Gyms

iAccess® access control turnstiles, certified quality products.

Manage your Gym

The turnstiles are essential to manage entrances and exits of sportsmen in Gyms. They represent the optimal solution to your problems of time management.
Thanks to the iAccess turnstile, you can control the accesses to the sports centre and allows only those who have a valid subscription to enter the gym.

It allows to monitor the frequency of people accessing the center. It also allows you to monitor the most frequented times and those at which you can make promotions and offers.

All entrances and exits of sportsmen are saved in the database.
With Time Studio Time Management Software you are able to view and export different types of reports, in different formats.
It is possible to Print Reports of each individual sportsman or all of the people subscribed.

Access Control Solutions for B&B, Resorts & Farmhouses

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Advantages of iAccess turnstiles

The main advantages of the turnstiles for gyms are:

#1 Tireless

It records all the accesses to the Gym and thanks to the attendance management software, it automatically indicates when a customer has not been there for more than 15 days or a month.

#2 Access statistics

Thanks to the software Time Studio, included you can have a series of daily, weekly and monthly reports on attendance at your center.
This will help you understand the actual use and the most frequented hours.

#3 Highest accuracy

It provides you with the most accurate analysis of access to the gym, in case you could make promotions for customers who come in less frequented times.

#4 Source of revenue

Once you have assigned an RFID card to each customer, you will be able to check the expiry dates of your subscriptions and update them on the correct dates.