Time and Attendance terminals with professional software

Time Studio® attendance management software FREE with our devices

Attendance software also included in the price

Our Time & Attendance devices are used by companies that would like to monitor transitions from one zone to another or entries and exits from an area or company.

You can keep the situation under control: the employee will simply pass by the terminal with the bracelet, RFID badge, magnetic card, with his own biometric data (fingerprint, face), or with the password given previously.
Attendance detectors will allow an easy management of employees without spending more money and time. They do not require any maintenance, are pre-programmed and tested before being sent to the customer.

Main features:

  • Quick installation
  • Fast marking
  • Stamping with RFID badge
  • Stamping with facial recognition
  • Free management software


iAccess products for companies.

Biometric Fingerprint Reader

Employees will be able to mark their passages to the workplace via fingerprints.

RFID card reader

Alternatively, workers can access the facility using the personal RFID badge provided

Register up to 10.000 users

iAccess time stamp devices are able to record up to 10.000 user profiles and over 100.000 stampings.

iAccess.eu Marcatempo e Timbracartelini Biometrici con riconoscimento del volto

With Software included

With Time Studio Software is possible to obtain real-time reports on the presence and passage of workers.

Vandal Proof device

Vandal-resistant terminal suitable for Outdoor installations and in damp or dusty places.

And privacy?

Thanks to the cripting algorithm, Biometric Fingerprints are indecipherable


Find out which device is the best choice for your business

Software included in the price

The TimeStudio® employee time management software provides a simple and intuitive interface for managing reports.
You can create the reports of each individual user or an entire department with only a few simple steps.

We advise our customers to purchase from the website, to ensure the most advantageous price and a quick shipment of the product that will take place within 24/48 hours of receipt of the order on the site.
Our developers are always at your disposal to perform the software adjustments and customize it to your needs.

They will answer all your questions, from Monday to Friday from 10am to 12pm and from 3pm to 5pm at +39 0547.71271.

Our Time and Attendance Management software is in continuous development and will allow you to create specific reports to needs of your business.