Access Control Systems for your Bed & Breakfast

Remove keys and use the Smartphone and QR-Code

Revolutionize traditional hospitality in your B&B, Guesthouse, Hotel

The night calls terrifies you?

If you're the manager of a B&B or any other accommodation you know exactly what it means.
Unfortunately, it is not unusual to receive calls at unlikely times with requests for room accesses.

No matter what the problem was, maybe a train delay, maybe traffic, the fact remains that the guest intends to access the facility at that time.

Don't worry about it anymore!
Then you can easily manage your problem solving. Remove the keys and allow your guests the accesses via their Smartphones, without time restrictions.

Revolutionize traditional hospitality/reception in your B&B, Guesthouse, Hotel

Your Reception gets Smart

Manage accesses to your property remotely, just one click

QR code reader

Generate the QR code in one click and send it by e-mail to your guest.Now can access any time.

Save Time and Money

Using Q-Visio, your reception becomes Smart. You don't need staff at the reception anymore.

Schedule the validity of the Code

Set the start/end validity time of the code. When the code expires, the guest will no longer have access to the room.

Q-Visio controllo accessi per ospiti B&B e Agriturismi - iAccess Italia

Also for outdoor use

Q-Visio is available in two versions and can also be installed outdoors, it is completely weatherproof.

Simple installation

Q-Visio is complete, can be easily and quickly installed by any electrician.

What about Privacy?

QR codes do not contain information about the guest, they are unique and non-duplicable.

Access Control Solutions for B&B, Resorts & Farmhouses

Find out which terminal is the best solution for your stucture and if you have any doubts, call us!