Biometric access control

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High security to business infrastructure

Biometrics is a method of establishing a person’s identity based on chemical, behavioral, or physical attributes of that person, and is relevant in large-scale identity management across a wide range of applications.

Biometric Access Control Systems gives high security to business infrastructure & their employees.

Allows to keep track of all employee movements thanks to the use of simple RFID badges, magnetic cards or your own biometric data.
One of the most common uses for biometics is providing access control for restricted facilities, areas, or equipment.


iAccess products for companies.

QR Code

Professional access control system with QR-Code reader, suitable for B&B, Farmhouse and Residence.

Biometric Fingerprint Reader

Employees will be able to mark their passages to the workplace via fingerprints.

RFID card reader

Alternatively, workers can access the facility using the personal RFID badge provided prova i Controllo Accessi. Massima affidabilità!

Access with Password

Access Control System with keyboard and security password.

Vandal Proof device

Vandal-resistant terminal suitable for Outdoor installations and in damp or dusty places.

And privacy?

Thanks to the cripting algorithm, Biometric Fingerprints are indecipherable

Access Control Solutions for B&B, Resorts & Farmhouses

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How does a biometric access control system work?

Biometric Access Control system scans the person and matches his/her biometric data with the previously stored information in the database before he/she can access the secured zone or resources.

If the compared information matches, the Biometric Access Control system allows the person to access the resources.

Examples include, but are not limited to fingerprint, palm veins, face recognition, DNA, palm print, hand geometry, iris recognition, retina and odour/scent. Behavioral characteristics are related to the pattern of behavior of a person, including but not limited to typing rhythm, gait, and voice.