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Module Smart Sync

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The Smart Sync software module allows automatic real-time synchronization of the iAccess Terminals connected to the same LAN/WAN network.

Using this module we will always have in real time all the inbound and outbound stamps of our employees in small companies and in large ones with multiple production plants.

Everything is possible thanks to Smart Sync and a network connection.

Smart Sync is responsible for updating in real time the data of:

  • entrances
  • exits
  • users passage

Why should You use the Smart Sync module?

-The module can be used in all situations where you want to have instant monitoring of the presence of people within controlled areas.
-When you have more than 5 iAccess terminals it is advisable to install the Smart Sync module in order to make automatic the tracking of presences and in addition you can schedule the cleaning of the markings after a certain threshold or time frame.

Does the Smart Sync Module have annual license fees?

-The price is related only to the purchase, it is a one-time cost and has no annual renewal fees.
-It is recommended to activate it when more than 5 devices are installed in the structure.

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Functioning Scheme

Controllo Access iAccessi MX

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